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Learn Quran / Learn Tajweed - Quranic Arabic Webinars - Learn with a Qualified Teacher OnLine or learn the basics by yourself for free...

  • Over 120 free videos (webinars) that you and your children can watch for free
  • Our webinars are watched about 250,000 times each year
  • Muslims all over the world learn Quran from absolute zero using our webinars
  • Learn in-depth concepts about the Uthmani Quranic Arabic Script
  • Build a sound foundation before you go on to learn tajweed
  • Learn Quran on-line free step-by-step in your own time
  • All our videos are also available on YouTube

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Learn Quran - Our Adult Courses

Learn from absolute zero to elementary tajweed in a few months. Our courses guide you every step of the way, building up your knowledge and confidence immediately. Literally hours of professionally made video lessons accompanied by 100’s of sound and word practices.
Adult Courses


Adult courses have a much deeper level of explanations

Learn Quran - Our Children’s Courses

Our children’s courses cover the same as the adult courses but with simplified explanations.
Children Courses



Courses for children have simplified explanations but cover the same syllabus

Learn Quran - Live On-Line Classes

In the very near future we will be running live on-line classes over the internet. These will also be free of charge. Please register now so you can be informed of these classes when they start
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online classes

Watch A Demo Lesson Right Now

Why not watch one lesson to see how easy it is to understand what you thought were difficult concepts?
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View our demo about the places of origination of the alphabet sounds

Practice Your Recitation On-Line

Practice your recitation of some well known surahs online. We have created online colour coded surah verses which can be played ‘sound’ by ‘sound’ and verse by verse. We use the recitation of a world renowned Qari who recites slowly and clearly.
Online Recitation Practice With Rules


Practice your recitation with a professional Qari word by word and verse by verse

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